Delivery Menu

*We no longer accept orders for pet food through our website, but we would be happy to arrange a local delivery through email, over the phone, or in person!

Why lug big bags of dog food or cat litter down the street when you can have your pet’s supplies delivered? We only offer the best food and treats for your pet’s health and happiness! This menu is a selection of our most popular foods. If you don’t see your food on this list, we can probably order it for you, so please ask! 

Larger bags of food and cases of cans are not always kept in stock.
Please let us know before Monday if you’d like a special order delivery that week (please allow 1-2 weeks for special orders).



Whenever possible, we use bicycles instead of cars to make our deliveries,
to help keep our city clean and traffic-free, and keep our eco-footprint small!


We strive for same-day delivery on in-stock items, but please let us know early on in the day. We will make every effort to accommodate you and your schedule!

Call in your order: 215-574-1225

Email your order:


Dry Dog Food (Kibble)

Bags generally come in Small (4-6lb), Medium (12-20lb), Large (23-40lb).

Acana Grain-Free
Acana Singles
Orijen Grain-Free
Science Diet
Solid Gold
Whole Earth Farms


Wet Dog Food (cans)

Cases are twelve 13oz cans, and 10% off!

Science Diet
Wellness (6 and 12 oz cans)
Whole Earth Farms


Cat Dry Food (Kibble)

Bags generally come in Small (4-6lb) and Medium (12-20lb)

Acana Grain-Free
Orijen Grain-Free
Purrfect Bistro Grain-free (Merrick)
Science Diet
Solid Gold


Cat Wet Food (cans)

Cans generally come in 3oz and 5.5oz. Cases are generally 24 cans and 10% off!

Purrfect Bistro
Science Diet
Solid Gold
Tiki Cat
Verus Grain-free


Whole Food Diets

These dog and cat foods are the highest quality you can get short of preparing your pet’s food yourself! Great for pets with health problems or picky eaters. These foods are either frozen or can be rehydrated with water. They are minimally processed and made with the best ingredients. They can be fed as complete diets or used to supplement another diet.

Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Diets (by special order)
Stella and Chewy’s


Cat Litter

Bags/boxes come in assorted sizes and varieties - just ask!

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Precious Cat
Dr Elsey’s Cat Attract
Dr. Elsey’s R&R Crystals or Clay
Dr. Elsey’s Senior/UTI Crystals
Feline Pine
Scoop Away
Simply Pine
Ever Clean
Nature’s Miracle
World’s Best Cat Litter


Dog and Cat Treats and Chewies

Wild Meadow USA Jerky (Chicken, Duck, & Bison)
Crumps’ Single Ingredient Treats
Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes
Smart n’Tasty Cat Dental Treats
Nootie Yumzies, Mini Yumzies, No-Grainers, and Jerky Chews
Chicken Chips
Old Mother Hubbard
Grandma Lucy’s Organic Treats
Plato Eos Treats & Thinkers Meaty Sticks
Superior Farms
Wet Noses

Lots of other rawhides, bully sticks, flossies, pig ears, bones, biscuits, jerky, and cookies too!