Dog Wash Services


You may now book appointments online!

Grooming Hours:

Tuesdays: 3pm-7pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

*DIY DOG service available any time we are open!


Store Hours:

M-F: 11am - 7pm

Sat: 10am - 6pm

Sun: 12pm - 6pm

 You can also book in person, or give us a call.
(215) 574-1225 

Spa Menu for Pooches

We offer bathing services for all types of owners: the DIY pet parent, the pet parent on the Go!, or the pet parents whose fur baby needs a little more attention. We provide the tub and anything you might need to get your special friend nice and clean. No time to wash your dog yourself? Let us do it for you! We'll do everything while you run errands or just relax. Just leave your dog with our experienced bather and you'll return to a clean, shiny, happy pooch that smells good too. 

(We do NOT do haircuts - but we do everything else!)

DIY Dog : $15.00

You bring a dirty dog, we provide the tub, sprayer, Earthbath natural shampoos, conditioner, spritzes, brushes, nail clippers, shears, chamois towel, apron, and forced air dryer. You wash your dog, we clean up after you! Wash times are generally about 20 minutes and are a flat $15.00. Walk-ins are accepted, but we encourage you to call ahead to make sure the tub is free!

Wash N' Go : $25.00

This wash includes your choice of Earthbath shampoo products, a quick brush out, and a towel dry. It generally takes about 15 minutes. Perfect for the owner who doesn’t have a lot of time to mess around!

The Works : $35.00

This service includes your choice of Earthbath shampoo, brush out, fluff blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and anal gland expressing. These services generally take 30 - 45 minutes. 


The Fuminator : $45.00

This service is for your fur challenged friend. It has been shown to reduce shedding by 60 - 80% for up to six weeks! A thorough pre-bath brush out of the undercoat, followed by THE WORKS service. A post-drying brush out of any remaining undercoat finishes out this luxurious treatment. This special service takes between 45 - 60 minutes. 


Earth bath Totally Natural Pet Care

We would like to take a minute to tell you a little bit about the products we use. We have chosen Earthbath products because we try to be as eco friendly as we can and choose products that are safe for both pets and pet parents. Earthbath products boast the use of totally natural, non toxic, paraben & sulfate free, phthalate free, and phosphate free. All products are made in the USA with human-grade ingredients and pure essential oils, with no artificial colors or fragrances.



    Please plan to drop off you pet no more than 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Pick up times are estimated by service requested. We are not licensed as a holding facility and therefore will need to charge a late fee if you do not pick up your dog on time. Thanks for understanding!

    You required the owner to sign our grooming agreement when you bring your dog in for his bath. This agreement can be viewed online and filled out prior to your appointment. We will keep it on file for all future services.


    BONeJOUR Pet Supply reserves the right to adjust prices based on the individual pet.

    All prices are based on temperament, size, and coat condition and are estimates only!

    Some dogs are more challenging than others and we try to accommodate all furry family members in a stress free and safe environment.

    To reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations, we require a $10 non-refundable online booking fee. This $10 fee will be applied towards your total when you pick up your dog.

    No shows, last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) or continual re-scheduling are subject to a $25.00 FEE PER PET which will be added to your next appointment.

    Please try to be on time to pick up your pet(s) from out facility. To enforce this policy, a $20 fee for every 15 minutes late may be added to your total bill.

    We understand there are emergency situations and will work with you, but not on a continued basis. Please be respectful of our time as we are a by-appointment business, and another client could have taken your appointment if we knew.

    Grooming Agreement

    Current Vaccinations: 

    We require all owners to verify that their pets are current on all vaccinations. With proof of vaccination or Titer. These include: Rabies and DHPP(distemper).


    Aggressive and Dangerous Pets:

    The owner MUST inform BONeJOUR of any biting or aggressive behavior you pet may display while in our care. We reserve the right to refuse/stop services for such pet(s) at any time during grooming if the animal becomes too agitated. An additional handling fee may be added to the regular grooming charge for particularly aggressive dogs.

    Muzzles may be used if necessary. Muzzling will not harm your pet, and protects both the pet and the groomer.

    The owner must agree to take full responsibility for any and all related medical bills, recovery costs, loss of income and equipment damage due to biting, scratching or handling of their difficult pet.


    Health, Medical Problems & Senior Pets:

    Grooming can sometimes be stressful for senior pets or pets with other medical issues. BONeJOUR will exercise care when handling your pet and accessing it’s individual condition. If we determine that the services that we provide will not be appropriate for your animal we will let you know immediately to come pick up your pet.

    By signing this contract/agreement you give BONeJOUR permission to apply first aid to your pet should it be deemed necessary. In case of emergency, we will contact you immediately. It is agreed that all expenses for emergency Veterinary care will be covered by the pet's owner.



    There is always the possibility an accident could occur. Even though we use extreme caution and care in all situations, accidents do happen. Every effort will be made to insure your pet is groomed as safely as possible, and is taken care of if an emergency situation arrises. All pets are cared for by BONeJOUR without liability on our part for loss or damage, from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons, or other animals or property by said pet, or other unavoidable causes, providing due diligence and normal care and caution having been exercised.



    If you suspect your pet has fleas or ticks, prompt and thorough action on YOUR part will be needed. Flea infestations can lead to tapeworm and other health problems that may require extensive medical care. We do offer effective products that can be provided upon requested. If fleas or ticks are found during the grooming process, your pet will receive a flea bath to kill the parasites and an extra charge will be applied. Ticks found will be removed and an additional charge may be applied. If ticks are found, we strongly suggest you have your pet tested for Lyme Disease or other tick borne illnesses. Please note that parasites are a health hazard to you and your pet. For any questions regarding parasites please call us or contact your veterinarian for further information. 


    Payment: Payment will be made upon collection of the pet. Estimates are based on an average pet but owners must remember that some pets will require extensive extra work and that this will be charged for on an hourly basis.


    By signing this agreement, it means that you have read through it and understand it to the best of your knowledge. Please make sure to sign and date the bottom of this page.