Inflatable recovery collars
Inflatable recovery collars

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Inflatable recovery collars



The BooBooLoon® is the most innovative way to protect your pet! Say bon voyage to the old hard plastic Elizabethan Cone. No longer will your pet have difficulty eating, sleeping or being comfortable while recovering from a surgery or skin ailment.

BooBooLoon® inflatable recovery humane dog collar is a soft and flexible pillow-like cushion that gently adheres around the neck and fastens with hook and loop fasteners. Your pet can move easily, eat regularly and sleep soundly through the night. Yup, you've found the most comfy cone in town!

BooBooLoon collars are available in five comfy neck sizes to fit extra small to extra large dogs. The smaller sizes are also suitable for cats. The flexible, soft, one-piece inflatable collar design is fully adjustable using velcro fasteners. Accurately measure the circumference of your pet's neck for the most comfy fit. If your pet is between sizes or has longer legs, we suggest ordering the next size up. Please ensure that you don't blow the collar more than half way. We recommend trimming and filing claws before use with cats.

XS 3-7"

S 8-12"

M 13-18"

L 19-24"

XL 25-30"