Wholesome Hide Rawhide Chews


Wholesome Hide Rawhide Chews


We searched far and wide to find rawhide chews that were not full of chemicals and made in China, and lo and behold, we found Wholesome Hide!

These chews are always made from thick, fresh, 100% USA beef hide. They contain the "Collagen Flavor Layer" missing from most rawhide chews. They are always naturally processed, which means no potentially harmful chemical residue. They are hand-tied and 100% natural!

For the dog that's intolerant of beef (or just a bacon lover!), we now carry porkhide rolls as well!

These chews come in many varieties:

  • Rolls (4-5", 8", 9-11" super thick roll) 
  • Knotted Bones (4-5", 6-7", 8-9") 
  • Tiny Twists (5" toothpick twists, great for small dogs! Bag of 10)