Zuke's Pet Treats is sold to Nestle Purina.

Well, some bad news. One of our long-time favorite dog treat companies, Zuke's, was bought by Nestle Purina.


You'd think I'd stop being surprised (and maybe a little offended) by now - I've been in the biz for more than 7 years, and I've seen it happen over and over and over:

  1. I find a small, family-owned, animal-loving, all-natural, reputable, TRUSTWORTHY pet food or treat company that I love.
  2. I stock their awesome products in my shop and I tell my customers all about it. Consequently, we sell tons of it.
  3. Over the years, the company grows and grows due to their success in small pet supply shops like BONeJOUR.
  4. A big, shady, money-loving corporation (who could care less about your pets) sniffs out the profits, and buys the company out.
  5. Product changes. Quality goes down. Recalls. etc etc etc

I wish I could believe Zuke's happy little press release about the "partnership", but I don't. Because I've seen it happen before.


I care more about the health of our pets than making money. It's as simple as that. So I'm done with Zuke's. We will sell through the stock we already have, because it was produced before the merger and I know it's still good quality and safe. But I won't order any new stock for my shop. I can't support a company like Nestle Purina who has shown time and time again that their bottom line is more important than caring for animals. I'm sorry. I hope you understand that I'm only acting with your pets' best interest in mind.


On the bright side, there are always new small, family-owned, animal-loving, all-natural, reputable, TRUSTWORTHY companies ready to replace the sell-outs! If your dog is a Zuke's addict, try these replacements:

If your dog loves Mini Naturals or Jerky Naturals, try Yumzies or Off-Leash Treats.

If your dog loves Hip Action, try Sea Mobility Joint Rescue or Pet Naturals Hip+Joint.

If your dog loves Lil' Links, try No Grainers Jerky Sticks

If your dog loves Mini Bakes or Skinny Bakes, try Wet Noses Little Stars.

If your dog loves Z-Bones, try Smart n'Tasty Fresh Breath Chews or Whimzees Toothbrush Chews.


  • Noe Bunnell

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comment. You are correct, Purina assures us in their press release that they will still be manufactured at the same facility/etc. The problem that I have is I have heard this before. Actually, most times a company is taken over by a larger parent company (Procter & Gamble, Purina, ect), they make a claim like this. However, it doesn’t seem to make a difference in the long run. It comes down to the fact that I really don’t trust Purina, so it’s a call I’m going to make for my shop. You’re right in that I could be wrong, they COULD keep the same quality, and I COULD be over-reacting. But I’m not willing to take that gamble, when I can easily replace Zuke’s with other, similar, products. Make sense? :)

  • Sarah

    I was told that Zukes are still going to be manufactured at the same exact facility by the same people – and not by Purina. Purina just owns them. So why would quality go down? Unless that is untrue?

    The other brands you are talking about were no longer manufactured by the original company, so it makes sense that quality suffered.

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