When you gotta go...

It's puppy season, and puppies = potty training! 

3 Tips for Housetraining Any Puppy

  1. It's your mistake, not theirs. You need to have eagle eyes. The early stages of house training require CONSTANT supervision. It only takes a second for a puppy to sneak away and squat, and it's so much harder to "fix" mistakes than prevent them in the first place. I like to say - if your puppy isn't eating, sleeping, or playing, they're looking for a spot to potty! When your puppy is not in their crate, keep them in your eyesight - maybe even use a leash to tether them to you! If you can avoid mistakes in the beginning, potty training will happen quickly. If you end up cleaning up lots of mistakes, you will spend a long time retraining your dog.
  2. Set an alarm! In the beginning, you should take your puppy outside every 30 minutes, or at least every hour. I know firsthand how easy it is to get caught up in something and realize it's been a few hours and... you end up cleaning up a puddle. A simple alarm helps you remember to take them out MORE often then you think they need it. Luckily, as they get older and older, you can stretch out the intervals more and more.
  3. Make if worth their while. Every time your puppy correctly potties outside, you need to throw the doggy equivalent of a ticker-tape parade. They should hit the treat jackpot (not just a dry biscuit, pull out the extra tasty treats), and get as much verbal reinforcement and petting as you can muster up. Eventually you can fade treats out and use a simple, "Good job", but keep them up for longer than you think you need to.

Need more help? Stop by - we can help you brainstorm why your puppy just "isn't getting it", or at least offer moral support! Potty Training is tough. Just remember - if you make it through 2 weeks without any mistakes, you'll have a trained puppy!

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