Do you want a PUPPY STORE in Old City?

To all my amazing, loyal, supportive customers and neighbors-

There is a proposal for construction of a new building at the Southwest corner of 3rd and Arch (across 3rd street from Starbucks, you might know it as "Bird Park"). The building will house a large retail space on the ground floor, and currently the plans are for "retail sales of pets and pet supplies".

In a city that has come so far in its animal welfare efforts yet still euthanizes more than 12,000 dogs and cats a year at its animal control shelter, it is unthinkable that any neighborhood would embrace a business that promotes the production of more animals and supports Pennsylvania’s notorious puppy mill industry.

I'm asking for your help - as an animal activist, as a small business owner just trying to survive, as a neighbor and as a friend. There is a Community Meeting today (3/19/2014) at the Old City District Office (231 Market St) at 5:00pm. I realize it's short notice, but I'm asking you to come and help me oppose this project. I’m hoping we can nip this misguided idea in the bud.

Thank you. 
--Noe Bunnell
(owner/operator of BONeJOUR)


  • Theresa Francione

    I do not want to see another pet store sell animal’s from puppy mill’s that are sick and are either near death or die sometime’s just day’s after being prurchased from these store’s.There are so many wonderful dog’s that are at 100’s of shelter’s through out Philadehia,PA and surrounding area’s that just want to be loved by a family in there home.PLEASE ADOPT DON’T SHOP.

  • Lori Burger

    I will not be able to attend, but I would like to add my name to any petitions that might aid in this effort.

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