Pet Portrait Day! June 22!

On Sunday, June 22 BONeJOUR will once again be hosting the Teddybear Portraits crew so you can bring your pup in to take his summer studio portraits. You can stop by to reserve your slot NOW, or just walk in on June 22 starting at 1:00pm. Teddybear Portraits took our Christmas photos, and they did an amazing job - they have great backgrounds and great props, and you get to take a few different poses. You can even do a "family" portrait if you like! Their prices are very affordable - sheets of photos start at $16. We're also collecting a $5 "sitting fee" that will be donated to PAWS, so hey, it's for a good cause! 


Fun fact - Teddybear Portraits is primarily a SCHOOL portrait company for human children. I find this adorable. WHAT DOG DOESN'T NEED A SCHOOL PORTRAIT!!

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