Silver Vine is the new Catnip! (It's really big in Japan...)

Everyone knows what Catnip does to (most) cats, but I bet you've never heard of Silver Vine. We just got "dime bags" of a new Catnip/Silver Vine blend that's driving the kitties crazy. It's not well-known here in the US, but Silver Vine is actually the best selling cat treat in Japan, often referred to as "Japanese Catnip" or matatabi in Japanese. This is reflected in the saying "neko ni matatabi, joro ni koban" (Silver vine to a cat, a coin to a prostitute).


While Catnip only contains one type of scented attractant (called nepetalactone, if you're interested in the nerdy bits), the Silver Vine plant contains 2 different scented attractants - Actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide. The first causes a reaction similar to catnip, and the second has a sweet, tea-like fragrance.


Why should you care about all these long scientific words? Because, in a nutshell, even if your cat doesn't respond to Catnip, they may respond to Silver Vine! 


We're always trying to help you bring out the kitten in your cat here at BONeJOUR, so we got some Silver Vine from our amazing catnip suppliers over at From the Field - Stop by and try a little "dime bag" or a hemp pillow of the Silver Vine blend... let us know how your cat likes it! 


And here's one more adorable Japanese kitty video! Oh come on, you know you wanna see it. 

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