New ACANA Singles - The NATURAL solution for sensitive dogs

We've finally got the new Acana Singles formulas in stock! Like the rest of the Acana/Orijen line, these new formulations are super-premium, grain-free dry dog foods. The huge difference between these 3 new formulas and the rest are the Singles line was created especially for dogs with food sensitivities and intolerances.


  • Single source of animal protein (lamb, pork, or duck)
  • Limited number of ingredients 
  • Grain-free, 50% meat
  • Freeze-dried Liver infusions (picky dogs LOVE this)
  • Natural, whole-food vitamin sources rather than added synthetic vitamins and minerals
  • Low-glycemic fruits and veggies (stable blood sugar levels, prevent diabetes & obesity)
  • Natural sources of soluble & insoluble fiber (slower digestion rate = more nutrient absorption = less poop issues!!!)
  • Algae replaces fish oil as source of Omegas, DHA, and EPA (for dogs who can't tolerate fish)
  • Botanicals (chicory root, peppermint leaf, ginger root, lemon balm) help calm and soothe the digestive tract naturally.

Yes, your vet can "prescribe" a food to help your sensitive dog, but there is no prescription food that strives to NATURALLY treat the dog's sensitivities like these new Acana Singles formulas do. Rather than fresh meat, prescription foods use meat by-products and glutens as their protein sources, and rather than treating digestive issues with natural, whole food ingredients, they add a synthetic vitamin mix (probably imported from China). Think of it as the equivalent of taking medication to lose weight rather than changing your diet and lifestyle - it might help in the short term, but holistic treatment is always better in the long term, for people and animals!


I have a tentative personal recommendation from my dogs, Ramona and Auggie - I brought a sample bag of the Pork home for them to taste test, and they both went nuts for it! I was amazed - my spoiled dogs usually get a little raw or canned food mixed into their kibble as a flavor enhancer, but they gulped down the dry Acana like it was a bowl of treats. Now we'll have to see how well it helps Auggie (my sensitive boy) with his tummy/skin/everything problems! I'm starting him on it tonight, check back in a couple of weeks!


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