Verus gets a makeover! (Probiotics rant below... be warned!)

Some of you may have noticed the stickers on the ingredient panel of Verus dry cat food, and if you haven't, you should check it out! Basically, they added more chicken, egg, and probiotics, and eliminated potato and corn gluten meal (yay!). If your cat turns her nose up at it, wait her out. She'll come around. Don't be surprised if you see a day or two of tummy upset as well - nothing to be concerned about. It should pass in a week at most.

As far as the canine formulas, they are also getting some upgrades, and this is big. All the dog formulas now include therapeutic levels of a freeze-dried live probiotic. If you've talked with me about probiotics, you know that I think they are probably THE most beneficial supplement to support all-over health - for dogs, cats, and people. Verus adds their freeze-dried probiotics to the kibble AFTER cooking, which means that rather than being killed by the high-temperature processing, 90% of the probiotics are effective when it hits your dog's bowl.

Probiotics are getting a lot of attention in human medicine lately - I recently read an article about a new project that's trying to map the "typical" adult human probiotic population. Probiotics (beneficial bacteria living in our body) interact in/with our bodies in so many positive ways, ways we are just beginning to understand. We've become so used to doctors and vets prescribing antibiotics for every little thing, but we haven't thought much about the effects of our good bacteria getting killed along with the bad stuff. Some researchers are saying that many of the "modern" health issues (autism, heart disease, allergies, etc) may be caused by lack of the beneficial bacteria that humans have relied on for centuries. It's really interesting - try googling it!

Anyway, apply this to pets - common pet ailments such as allergies, cancers, diabetes, urinary issues and digestive issues show up more now than they ever have before. It's possible (probable?) that the lack of good bacteria contributes to these as well. When we think of probiotics, we think of yogurt commercials and gut health, but it's actually a whole body supplement that has benefits in almost every system.

Ok, enough about the miracles of probiotics. Just trust me - it's something your pets need. If you're not supplementing it, maybe you should think about it, or just switch to Verus!

(By the way, most premium pet foods contain probiotics. The problem is that after the kibble-making process, they are rendered almost useless. Unless they're added later, it's not likely that your dog or cat is getting too much out of them.)

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