Keep Calm and Use Pet Naturals!

My dog, Ramona, has a love-hate relationship with summertime. She loves being outside all the time, going to the lake, the beach, and hiking in the woods. But she HATES thunderstorms, fireworks, parades, car rides, baths, and lots of other summery things. Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chews are getting a lot of use in our household this time of year. I think if it wasn't for these supplements and her Thundershirt, she would spend the entire summer shaking, panting and drooling, poor girl!

 If you're considering asking your vet for tranquilizers to get through the season, you should give these a shot. They help alleviate stress-related behavior without affecting your pet's personality or energy level - UNLIKE tranquilizers. They make a big difference for both Ramona and my little yapper, Auggie. His anxiety manifests in barking and general reactivity, so when something in his environment is making him uncomfortable, he makes sure everyone hears about it! He used to drive me nuts in the car, losing his mind anytime he saw another dog out the window. I wouldn't say he is a perfect passenger yet, but we are working on it, and Pet Naturals Calming seems to takes the edge off so he can focus on our training.

Pet Naturals make a few calming formulas for cats and dogs (small/medium, large, and XL) and they're all easy-to-feed chicken liver soft treats. They contain the Colostrum Calming Complex, L-Theanine, B Vitamins, and Lecithin which all work together to keep your dog or cat stress-free. (More detailed info about the all-natural ingredients and how they work here.) If your dog or cat has a hard time with all the summer fun, try them out!

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