Old City Pet Owner's Guide - Philadelphia

We consider ourselves the go-to spot for Old City pet owners - we try hard to keep up on neighborhood pet "gossip", and we always want to help our neighbors out however we can. We prepared a hand-out for newcomers to our neighborhood, and thought we'd post it up here too. Do you have something we should add/change? Please let us know!
Welcome to Old City!
Old City is one of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Philadelphia. BONeJOUR has been Old City’s Original Pet Boutique since 2002, and we want to welcome you and your fur-family to our ‘hood.

Dog-friendly shops/restaurants:
  • Most of the independent boutiques on 2nd, 3rd, and Market St allow leashed, well-behaved dogs. Some of them even have dogs that “work” there!
  • Although none of the neighborhood restaurants allow dogs indoors, most allow dogs at their outside seating areas -Cafe Ole (147 N 3rd), Wedge & Fig (160 N 3rd St) and Franklin Fountain (116 Market St) are just a few of our favorites.
  • PNC Bank (400 Market St) allows leashed, well-behaved dogs.

Neighborhood Pet Professionals

Neighborhood Parks & Dog Parks
  • Although many Old City neighbors let their dogs play off-leash at the parks below, please be aware that Old City is a high-traffic urban area and can be dangerous. Also, please know that Park Rangers occasionally write $75+ tickets for having dogs off-leash.
  • Christ Church Park (2nd and Church)
  • Wood St Park (Wood St from 2nd to 5th St)
  • Independence Park (4th and Arch)
  • Irish Memorial Dog Park (Front and Chestnut) - large grass/mulch fenced in area
  • Orianna Hill Dog Park (900 N Orianna St, NoLibs - members only)

Good to Know
  • Scoop the Poop Campaign provides poop bags & trash cans all over the neighborhood - Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your dog!
  • PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society - 2nd and Arch) is a local no-kill shelter. They do great work for homeless dogs and cats in Philly, and always need volunteers!

BONeJOUR Services
  • Free Holistic Food Consultations
  • Free Special Orders (food and other supplies - if you don’t see it, just ask! We can usually get it.)
  • Deliveries
  • Bathing Services (including nail trims, etc) & DIY Dog Wash

We would love to help you and your fur family get settled in Old City!  If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We’re so glad you’re our new neighbors!

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