Vote for the Purrfect Bistro variety your cat will LOVE!

Merrick has FINALLY come out with their new cat food line - Purrfect Bistro! We LOVE Merrick's dog food, and now the kitties won't feel so left out. If you were a fan of B.G. (Before Grain) or the classic Merrick canned formulas, you will love Purrfect Bistro.

All the varieties are grain-free and high in Omega's, antioxidants and probiotics - classic Merrick style. They don't include ANY ingredients from China, and are made right here in the USA in Merrick's own kitchens. They have dry food recipes for all life stages (kitten through senior), and even have a low-fat grain-free kibble! Want more info? Here's a link to Merrick's site.

Although we are super excited about the kibble, the canned varieties continue to be Merrick's forte - and you have to see the new flavors! They have all the textures that kitties like - pate, sliced, and shredded varieties!

Here's the problem - we are a small store and we can't stock ALL the new canned flavors - we need your help.

Follow this link to take our poll - vote for the canned variety that your cat would LOVE to try. To thank you, we'd like to offer you a FREE can of Purrfect Bistro - just print out the survey results page and bring it into BONeJOUR for your coupon. You can also stop by and take the poll in our shop if you prefer.

Lookout for Purrfect Bistro on our shelves at the end of the month!

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