BONeJOUR's FAMOUS Mix-n-Match Method for Maintaining Pet Dental Health

How many of you have had a well-meaning vet tell you to train your dog or cat to allow you to brush their teeth daily? Yeah right!

Here at BONeJOUR, we get LOTS of questions about keeping dog and cat teeth clean and healthy. We have lots of products that help, and we only carry products we have personally tested and love. But since every dog, cat, and owner are different, we know there is no single product that will work best for everyone.

We've come up with a really easy way to understand pet dental health maintenance - just 2 steps! Once you understand the idea behind pet oral care, you can choose the best products to support YOUR very special dog and cat's dental health.

BONeJOUR's FAMOUS Mix-n-Match Method for Maintaining Pet Dental Health

1. Remove plaque and tartar. (Brush, or chew! Dogs should chew at least 10-20 min a day.)

2. Prevent plaque formation. (Kill the bad bacteria!)

So, go for it! Mix-n-Match! Pick something from #1, and something from #2, and you are good to go! Some dental treats like Zuke's Z-Bones or Smart n'Tasty treats can count as #1 and #2 because the treat ingredients kill the bad bacteria, AND the pet has to chew it up! Ideally your pet should get #1 and #2 daily, but even a few times a week will do a lot for their oral health.

Need a little more help? Here are some examples:

Ramona, 13 year old Rat Terrier Mix -  Ramona gets a Sweet Potato Chunkee rawhide (#1) everyday, and the Pet Naturals Oral Heath Food Additive (#2) sprinkled on her food every night.

Auggie, 3 year old Cairn Terrier Mix - Auggie gets a Zuke's Z-Bone (#1 and #2) a few times a week, and plays tug/chews on his Hemp Rope Toy (#1) for 10-20 minutes on the other days.

Millie, 6 year old Bull Mastiff - Millie chews on natural bones a few times a week (#1), and gets the Clean Teeth Gel (#2) along her gumline a few times a week.

Maka, 5 year old Cat - Maka gets 2 Smart n'Tasty Feline Dental Treats everyday (#1 and #2).

Lily, 4 year old Cat - Lily gets her teeth brushed with toothpaste once a week (#1 and #2), and gets the Water Additive (#2) in her water everyday.

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