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Many of you know that I really dig Champion Pet Foods (the makers of Acana and Orijen). I like that they offer grain-free or single-grain products with high levels of protein and essential vitamins (such as Omegas), quality regional ingredients (nothing from China), and that they produce all their foods in their own Canadian factory - no outsourcing. If you've been feeding Acana or Orijen for the last 6 months, though, you also know that they've had some pretty major supply issues - who cares how good it is when you can't get ahold of i! And I have nothing against Canada, but if you can get food of the same quality that's sourced and produced here in the USA, wouldn't you?

Coincidentally, Merrick Pet Foods has just revamped their entire line of dog food! They have a bunch of new recipes that are awesome - high levels of quality protein, lots of fatty acids and other essential vitamins, grain-free varieties, novel-protein-source varieties, quality USA ingredients (nothing from China) AND a full line of grain-free canned foods that look like they could have come out of your own crock-pot!

They also make a brand called Whole Earth Farms which we have recently started carrying. If you want the quality of Merrick, but can't stand the cost, this is for you. It's a simple line - just Adult, Puppy, and Senior varieties, Dry and Canned, all poultry-based formulas. You can't get too many premium dog foods at this price - pretty sure they cut costs on the packaging (paper bags!!). If you can get past that, though, and read the ingredients list, you'll be sold.

Lots of pet foods can claim many of the above benefits... but not too many can claim this last one - Merrick produces all their own wet and dry foods in their own CERTIFIED ORGANIC factories in Texas. In my opinion, this is what really sets them apart. Pet parents are smarter about looking at the ingredients they feed their pets now, so many companies have shaped up their formulas to compete, but most of them also still outsource their production. Even big, well-known companies like Wellness, Solid Gold, and Canidae are outsourcing production of their foods to factories where who-knows-what is happening!

Remember the recalls earlier this year? Outsourcing was the reason behind them. When you aren't in charge of your product from beginning to end, how can you stand behind it 100%? Don't get me wrong - most of the time Wellness, Solid Gold, Canidae, and other premium foods are still great. But Merrick is better.

 Merrick's website has a lot more info specific to their different products and the whole "Revolution". If you are having a hard time choosing the best variety for your dog, let us know! We'd love to help.

We have a bunch of 4-5lb bags of the Classic Chicken, Classic Lamb, and Grain-free Chicken varieties in the shop for $9.99 - that's CHEAP! Quantities of these promo bags are limited, so if you want to try out their new foods, now's the time. (Promo bags not available through our webstore, sorry!) We are also having a nice sale on the old stock of Merrick cans - Buy 2, get one FREE. Get 'em til they're gone!

(Cat food line revamp is coming soon!)

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