Pup in Boots

Anyone who's witnessed it has to agree... dogs in boots are funny. It's like they forget how to walk, and can't let their feet touch the ground all at once. It's like their own feet are chasing them. It's hilarious.

But it's also not really effective if the purpose of the boots is to keep your dog's feet safe from ice (can cut them!) and salt (toxic and painful!) on these chilly winter walks around the city. If your dog won't walk with boots on, why bother?

That's why PAWZ are our favorite dog boots. They don't look like any dog boots you've seen before... no bulky rubber soles or pesky velcro straps to deal with. They look a lot like little balloons! You just slip them on your pup's feet and go. PAWZ are so thin that the dogs can still feel the ground through them, which takes a lot of the weirdness away for them. They also stay on better than any other boots we've found.

I'm not going to promise you won't see a little of the "kitten mittens" behavior with PAWZ. I mean, you're still asking your dog to wear boots! But with a little practice and positive reinforcement, they'll get used to them and their little paws will be protected. (I especially like the video below because traditional boots are REALLY hard for little dogs... they're usually so bulky that the dogs trip all over them. Not PAWZ!)

If you need help finding the right size, put your dog's foot on a piece of paper and mark right behind their big heel pad and right in front of their longest toenail. Do this for a front AND back paw (sometimes they're different.) Use that measurement to help choose a size. Or just bring them into the shop and we'll try them on!

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