Single-Ingredient Dog Treats are Awesome!

My mom always told me K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, stupid. That's the idea behind the new wave of Single Ingredient Dog (and cat!) Treats. Why complicate things? We've carried a variety of these guys for a while, and here's why we (and our canine customers) LOVE them:

  • Delicious. All dogs like meat. There's not much else to say about that.
  • Nutritious. Dogs get the majority of their nutrition from meat. Dogs really don't need much of anything else, and a lot of traditional treat ingredients can actually be harmful to them (such as artificial flavor/color, salt, sugar, even corn and wheat). So why put anything but meat in their treats?
  • Hypo-allergenic. If there's only ONE ingredient in it, you don't have to worry about your allergic dog having a reaction to something in it.
  • Variety. We have single ingredient treats made of chicken, beef, beef liver, lamb, venison, salmon, and sweet potato. Duck is coming soon!
  • Training. Most of these treats are tiny, or easy to break into tiny pieces, which makes them great for training.
  • Versatile. Because they're just meat, most of them are healthy for dogs AND cats!
  • High protein, low fat. Magic words in canine nutrition.

A note on sweet potato - No, it's not meat, but for dogs who are allergic to EVERYTHING, this seems to be the one treat that works for them. Most sweet potato treats are also low in protein and fat, have a low glycemic index, and are naturally soothing for sensitive tummies.

    Sold? Great! Here are a few of our favorite single-ingredient treats:

    • Crumps' Naturals is a family-owned/operated Canadian company that produces a line of beef, chicken, and sweet potato treats. The freeze-dried chicken are one of our best selling treats! Little dogs love the Beef Tendersticks because they're a little softer and easy to break up. The Liver Fillets are crunchy, and they also make a Garlic Liver Fillet version. (I guess it's not technically SINGLE ingredient, but garlic has a lot of health benefits for dogs in small doses, so we'll let them get away with it.) Their Sweet Potato "Rawhide" chews are a little longer lasting, and they also make a version that's sprinkled with liver powder for the pickier dog.
    • Superior Farms are a new product for us - they're awesome! It's a whole line of lamb and venison dog treats and chews founded by two of the leading producers of lamb and venison for PEOPLE in the USA and in New Zealand. We have the Lamb Liver Snaps, Lamb Toasters, and Venison Waffles treats in stock, as well as the Lamb Whistlers, Lamb Hiccups, and Venison Whistlers chews. All their products are single-ingredient lamb or venison. 
    • Grandma Lucy's Sweet Potato Chips are brand new and pretty cool. They're the first freeze-dried sweet potato treats I've seen on the market, and although the ingredients are exactly the same as other sweet potato chews, these are really different because they're crispy, not chewy! They break apart easily and can be eaten quickly, which makes them great for training. They're also really low in protein and fat, which is a god send for dogs with diabetes or other health issues. Sweet potatoes are naturally easy on the digestive system and the fiber in them can help with tummy issues.
    • We carry a LOT more - everything from CocoTherapy Coconut Chips, Merrick 100% Beef/Buffalo Chews, Amici 100% Beef Bully Sticks, Wholesome Hide USA Rawhide, locally-produced Wild Meadow Farms chicken/beef treats, Bixbi USA chicken jerky chews and more!

    None of the single-ingredient treats I carry are made in China. Stay away from those!

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