Feeding Urban Wild Birds

Upon one of our customer's requests, we have begun carrying some wild bird seed! I have a great bird watching memory from back when I was a kid growing up in Hawaii- we had a deck with a potted tree on it, and a family of Mynah Birds built a nest in it! The tree was right next to the window, so we got to watch the eggs being laid, hatching, and the baby birds being fed right up close without disturbing the bird family. We even got to see the baby birds learning to fly! It was a really neat experience.

Most of our customers live in the very urban Philadelphia city limits, but that doesn't mean you can't help out our wild bird population, and learn a lot about birds at the same time.

Here are a few urban wild bird feeding tips:

1. If you have a small backyard, patio, or deck, you can feed wild birds! The bird seed we carry is the "no-mess" blend, which means the birds will eat all of it without leaving a big mess. There are lots of types of bird feeders, or you can make your own! You can also just scatter the seed out on the ground, the birds will be happy to scavenge it.

2. In the colder winter months, urban birds really appreciate being fed. It's difficult to scavenge enough food in an already limited urban landscape when it's snowy and most greenery is dormant.

3. Place your feeder or scatter your seed where you can watch from a window - you may find bird-watching becomes a new hobby!

4. If you have the space, birds appreciate a dish of water as well as food being left out for them.

Come by and buy a bag or two of wild bird seed today! We have FM Brown No-Waste Blend and FM Brown Black Oil Sunflower Seeds in stock.

Let us know what kinds of birds you see in your urban bird-watching!

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