USA Made Chicken Jerky... FINALLY!

I got the best email today from James Crouch, owner of Bixbi dog treats. He told me he read my post about discontinuing Dogswell treats, and introduced me to his awesome chicken jerky treats. I'm so happy to have a replacement that my canine and human customers will love and not get sick from. I'm putting in an order right away!

James also sent me a link to a video they created highlighting the problem, and asking people to sign a petition asking the FDA to ban the offensive Chinese treats. Be warned, the video is heartbreaking. But if the FDA isn't going to stand up and do their job to protect our pets, we need to be informed and do it ourselves.

Go watch the video and sign the petitions NOW!

I've gotten a lot of support and great messages from customers and other dog-lovers across the web since posting about my decision to pull Dogswell treats. I really, really appreciate all the kind words - sometimes I'm not sure if anyone cares about all the time and effort I put into my business decisions! Thank you for the encouragement.

It's also made me think a little more about the big businesses that continue to produce these treats even after FDA warnings and so many dogs getting sick and dying. I'm just a tiny little business, but I was able to make this moral decision. Why is it so difficult for Dogswell, Nestle, Waggin' Train, Canyon Creek, and all the other brands that import from China? Take a cue, jerks! You know, money isn't everything. The FDA sucks for not recalling the treats, but I believe that these companies suck even more for not changing something about their sourcing and production after realizing that what they are doing is so OBVIOUSLY wrong! If Bixbi can source their jerky treats in the USA, and produce them in the USA, why can't all these other companies? If I can decide as a store owner to stop carrying these deathly treats, why can't Target and Walmart?

Just another reason to support small business. Because we're not just faceless companies. We are people who care.

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