Are the Recent Pet Food Recalls Confusing You?

Me too. Pet Food is a seriously weird industry. There are so many shady brands out there trying to keep everything a secret from their consumers. We've already talked about the gross stuff many companies put in their food because it's cheaper, but we've never really talked about the shady manufacturing practices. 
The thing is, very few brands have their own manufacturing facilities. Most smaller companies "outsource" their food production. This is why when a brand like Diamond gets recalled, a few lines of food from other brands (Chicken Soup, Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Wellness) also end up getting recalled. All of these foods were manufactured during the same period of time at Diamond's Gaston, SC Factory. Bet you didn't know that!
Even of the few brands that do have their own factories, many are not E.U. Certified or checked by the FDA. Salmonella recalls are usually (not always) connected to yucky stuff like wheat or corn gluten or animal by-products in the food, so it's a good idea to stay away from food that has that stuff in general (for many reasons!).
Anyway.... my point is trying to find a brand you trust is really difficult when you never know what's going on "behind the scenes". That's where I come in. I consider it my job to keep up with all this stuff, so you don't have to. I've personally called the companies listed below to verify that they make their food either in their own factories, or in safe factories that are E.U. Certified. The brands listed below produce dog and cat food that has NEVER been recalled. (Merrick treats have been recalled, but their food has not.) If the recent recalls scared you, you might consider switching to one of these.
Brands We Trust (Kibble and Canned):
  • Champion Pet Foods (Orijen and Acana dry for dogs and cats - manufactured in their own safe factories in Alberta, Canada)
  • Verus Pet Foods (canned and dry for dogs and cats - outsourced to safe, EU Certified factories)
  • Merrick Pet Foods (canned and dry for dogs, canned for cats - made in their own safe factories in Texas)

Let me help you take care of your pets. I'll worry about the recalls so you can worry about giving them lots of love!

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