Why your kitty needs Cat Grass.

We ordered a new batch of Organic Cat Grass seeds and along with seed packets, I've been growing some little pots to sell in the shop. My own kitties, and Sammie (our current foster cat) are very excited about all the cat grass everywhere! Spring means green growing things, so I though it would be a good time to do some research on WHY cats need cat grass.

  1. Health Supplement. Cat Grass is a great source of Niacin, Vitamin B and Folic Acid!
  2. Promote Proper Plant Eating. Protect your cat and your poisonous houseplants from each other. MOST houseplants are dangerous for cats to eat, but cats have a natural urge to chew on green things. If you provide cat grass, you can teach them which green things are ok for them to eat.
  3. Induce Vomiting. At first glance this one doesn't seem like a benefit, but if your cat eats something poisonous (easy to do in spring when other house plants may be especially desirable...) and need help getting rid of it, cat grass can help. Cats don't vomit every time they eat cat grass, but when they have an upset tummy they will swallow the blades whole instead of properly chewing it. This causes a tickle in their stomach and will help them vomit up anything that was causing them harm. Vomiting isn't necessarily bad - it's a natural way to relieve the cat of whatever was bothering them.
  4. Fix Diarrhea and Constipation. Fiber to the rescue. 
  5. Hairball Help. If a cat eats grass regularly, it can help him pass hairballs normally, but if he has a hairball buildup in his tummy (uncomfortable!) unchewed cat grass can help him vomit it up.
  6. ...and the most important reason your cat needs cat grass.... IT'S SUPER FUN! Cats LOVE chewing on cat grass, so why not give your kitty what he wants?

We have seed packets and full grown cat grass pots for sale in the shop now!

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