BONeJOUR's Holiday Gift Guide!


We've gotten so many new and fun items in recently that I thought I'd put together a gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for your pet!


  • For the heavy chewer - The Jack is an awesome toy! It's one of our toughest, has little nubs to help clean teeth while they chew, and is refillable with "gnawhide rings" to keep your pup interested.
  • For the plush squeaky toy lover - Patchwork Pet made some long-body Christmasy toys that are the perfect size for shaking and playing tug. They come in Santa, Reindeer, and Snowman. We also have teeny squeakies - penguins and little doggies - that are great for smaller breeds.
  • For the dog with a sweet tooth - Our newest line of treats, homemade here in Philly by Pupcakes, make awesome gifts. We have 1/2lb bags of chicken treats, peanut butter/cheerio treats, and gift boxes of cupcakes! They come in small and large sizes for different sized dogs, and our taste testers have definitely approved them - especially the Peanut butter/cheerio ones!
  • For the dog who likes bones - We only get them once a year cause they're extra-special treats... The Mammoth Bone! Your dog won't be able to contain himself. We also have brand-new water buffalo Flossies which are great because they are lower fat and more affordable than regular flossies! The old standby, bully sticks, also come in a braided holiday wreath for a special treat.
  • For the dog who likes to dress up - Our brand new hand-crocheted sweaters are hands-down the cutest I've ever seen. Auggie already got one as an early Christmas present! The cool thing about them is they can also be custom ordered in any color combination and size you want. We have some in the shop, and would be happy to take your order for a custom one if you don't see a size/color you love. Buy local - these sweaters are made right here in Philly! We also have holiday tartan dresses and cute little green cable knit sweaters so your pup can dress up for your holiday party, too!
  • For the anxious dog - Thundershirts help calm dogs using pressure therapy, like swaddling a baby! The Calming chews contain all-natural vitamins to help keep your dog calm. These can be especially helpful during the crazy holiday season.


  • For the catnip lover - We have an assortment of new all-natural catnip toys this year, all made by From The Field. My favorites are the gift boxes - one is a flat hemp mouse that you stuff with catnip yourself (great fun for kids!), another has two hemp catnip-filled mice, a bag of organic catnip, a bottle of catnip essential oil spray, and a cork ball.
  • For the feather lover - Peacock feathers! They're all natural and soooo much fun to play with!
  • For the fat cat - Interactive treat toys. Treat-loving cats will be motivated to get off their tail and play with these toys in order to get the treats out.
  • For the stylish kitty - Beastie Bands collars are velcro and completely adjustable. They have space to attach your ID tags, and will stay on even the most squirmy kitty safely. We have about 50 designs in stock!

Custom Gift Baskets Available

Can't choose just one gift? Pick a few of them, and let us help you create a custom gift basket. For a $5 charge plus the cost of the items you select, we can make a beautiful cellophane-wrapped basket for the special pet in your life. Just come by and chat with one of us about your needs, and we'll figure something out that is perfect for you.

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