Lost Dog?

I've had a few personal experiences with runaway pets. Ramona once darted out the door during a thunderstorm and there's no reasoning with her when she's in such an anxious state. My roommates cat would run out the door to roll around on the sidewalk given half a chance, and one day no one noticed he had snuck outside. Here's the difference between the two situations... I got Ramona back, and Mr. Kitty is lost to this day. Why? Identification Tags.

Since the day I adopted Ramona she's always worn a collar with her ID tag on it. The tag is a simple one, just her name and my phone number, but it's reunited us countless times. When she was suffering from severe separation anxiety and would run away on a weekly basis back in Hawaii, I would get a call from my neighbors and would go pick her up. When she ran during that thunderstorm, she made it all the way from 6th and Mifflin to 2nd and Federal before a kind woman caught her and called me to come get her. I had been maniacally riding my bike around my neighborhood looking for her, and I cried so hard when I got her back. Thank god she was wearing that tag.

When Mr. Kitty snuck out, he was not wearing a collar or tags. He, like all our animals, was microchipped when we adopted him, but most people will not pick up a "stray" cat and take it to the vet or a shelter to get a microchip read... Many people don't even know that microchips exist! We put up signs and asked all our neighbors to keep an eye out, and spent hours walking around looking for him, but we never found poor Mr. Kitty. We like to think that someone found him and fell in love and now he has a great new home, but who knows. If only he had been wearing a collar and tags, we might be enjoying him til this day.

Whenever people come in and ask for help purchasing supplies for a new animal, I tell them that a collar and ID tags are essential. Sometimes I get excuses: "Well, he's microchipped so I think we're ok without tags", "She's going to be an indoor cat, so we're good.", "I don't think he'll be comfortable wearing a collar all the time.", "I like the way she looks without any collar on." In my opinion, all of these excuses are just that - excuses. A pet running away never happens on purpose. Of course we all do everything we can to prevent that happening, but sometimes accidents do happen. Don't you want to do everything you can to make sure you get your best friend back?

We have a variety of dog and cat collars and ID tags in the shop. We even make our own, unique, hand-stamped brass tags (pictured below). I urge you, for your pet's safety, make sure they're collared and tagged today.

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