New Food Line! Acana!

So we've been phasing out the Natura brand foods that were recently bought by Procter and Gamble (EVO, California Natural, and Innova... see previous post on the company sale!), and we finally have enough space on the shelves to bring in one of the new foods we've had our eye on for a while...Acana!

Many of you switched to Orijen after EVO was sold. Orijen is one of my favorite pet foods on the market... it's one of the foods I regularly feed my own dogs and cats! Acana is made my the same amazing company (Champion Petfoods) based in Alberta, Canada. Acana is similar to Orijen in many ways... both are grain-free, both are made of fresh regional ingredients in Champion's own factories in Alberta, both include ingredient variety to match the natural diet, both include Omega-3 from fresh fish to support skin, coat, and immunity.

The main differences between Acana and Orijen is the concentration of animal protein. Orijen's foods are made with a minimum of 70% poultry, meat and/or fish. Acana's foods are made with a minimum of 60% poultry, meat, and/or fish.This means Acana is better for dogs and cats who had a digestive difficulties with the richness of Orijen. This also means Acana is a little more affordable than Orijen.

Acana comes in 4 flavors:

  • Wild Prairie (free-run chicken, walleye, lake whitefish, whole eggs)
  • Pacifica (pacific salmon, wild pacific herring, wild pacific flounder)
  • Grasslands (free-range lamb, walleye, free-run duck, whole eggs) - this one should be in stock soon
  • Ranchlands (free-range beef, free-range bison, free-range lamb) - dogs only

We have trial size bags in every flavor for $1.99 right now.. come by and grab a bag for your pet to try!

**Since we are in the final segment of phasing out EVO, California Natural, and Innova, any remaining backstock (from before the sale to Procter and Gamble) is now 20% off while supplies last!

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