New raw food! Sojos!

In light of all the issues with the Natura foods, we have been shopping around for a completely new food to bring in... and we've settled on Sojos! You may not have heard of them before, but they've been producing natural foods and treats since 1985. They've got it figured out. Their foods look really different than the stuff you might be used to... kibble or cans. Instead their food looks and smells kinda like the stuffing mix you make along the turkey at Thanksgiving... it's a freeze dried raw food mix. They make a few varieties (we have samples of turkey, beef, chicken, and the vegetable mix) for dogs as well as one for kitties (we will have samples of this soon).

I really like this food because it's an affordable, convenient raw food diet. You can use it as an appetite enhancer along with your kibble, or as a full meal replacement. Come by and pick up a sample for your pet! I'm sure they'll love it!

Read more about Sojos foods here.

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