Update on Innova, EVO, and California Natural dog and cat foods

Innova, California Natural, EVO sold to Proctor and Gamble

As many of you already know, 3 of our favorite brands have been taken over by Proctor and Gamble recently. Although they have promised not to change ingredients or quality, it’s almost impossible to trust a huge corporation like P&G. Here are some reasons we urge you to switch foods in the near future:

  • P&G is known for animal testing. Do you want to support a company that obviously cares more about money than animals?

  • P&G makes other poor quality foods (Iams, Eukanuba). It only stands to reason that they would begin using the same, cheaper, sourcing and production methods for Innova, California Natural, and EVO. Other foods under the P&G umbrella are constantly having recalls.

  • Pet food companies are not required to tell the public about ingredients changing until 6 months after they have changed. This means the bag and ingredients list may look the same, but your dog may get sick on the lower quality food.

  • Even though they promised to stick with independent retailers (like BONeJOUR), P&G has recently opened up Innova to be sold in major pet retailers (like Petsmart). This will cause such an increase in production that it’s hard to imagine the quality will remain as high.

  • There are other comparable foods out there that are made by humane, responsible companies. There’s no need to stay with P&G foods.

If you’re interested in beginning a transition to a better food, we’d be happy to help you find the perfect food for your dog or cat! We will begin phasing out Innova, California Natural, and EVO in BONeJOUR to make room for better foods in the near future.

We only want what’s best for your dogs and cats! Thanks for your support!


  • BONeJOUR Pet Supply

    Aww that really means a lot. We care about your pets! Thanks!

  • RunningFeet

    Thanks so much for not only providing my pets with great food, but giving me important information that is not covered in the regular news stories of the day. I love that you are more than just a pet food store! THANK YOU a million times over! I will definitely share this with others!

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