Spring means rain and storms! Protect your pup!

So the weather's finally looking up, temperatures are hovering in the 50s, and we've had a string of beautiful days perfect for long walks and romps in the park! But we all know what's coming... those crazy spring thunderstorms that sneak up on you and drench you in minutes!

Truthfully, my dog is one of the few who doesn't mind being outside in wet weather, but I know a lot of dogs really hate it. The PAWZ boots are great for these kinds of dogs, because they're easy to slip on and off and provide traction on slippery, wet sidewalks. They also prevent muddy doggy footprints when you get home from the dog park! Another type of great rainy weather gear is a raincoat for your pup... it may seem silly, but trust me, getting home and taking it off and not having to smell wet dog for the next hour makes it worth it. Many dogs even seem to appreciate not being soaked through! We have a few types of jackets to keep your pup dry this spring:

  • Traditional slicker style rain jackets. Easy to put on and off, easy to fit (even for deep chested breeds), non-invasive for pups, safe even after dark (reflective strip). Just slides over your dog's head and a single velcro strap around his middle. Comes in Yellow, Blue, and Pink.
  • Super cute new stowaway-style raincoats. These actually fold up into a little zippered pocket so you can tuck it into your bag just in case. Really lightweight and easy to put on - two velcro straps. Comes in Teal, Magenta, and Red.
  • Horse-blanket style coats. These coats are more multipurpose and great for larger dogs... They're basically just a blanket you toss over their back and attach under their chest and under their belly. No hood on these jackets, which makes them great for dogs that aren't particularly fond of being "dressed up". They have a water-resistant nylon shell backed with soft, warm fleece. Comes in two shades of plaid with velcro straps, or red or blue with metal buckles.

Lastly, often times in spring and summer, storms mean THUNDER and lightning. If your dog is anything like mine, even the slightest hint of thunder makes her freak out and cower in a corner, shaking and drooling. If I'm not home during the storm, god forbid, she has even torn up carpet or chewed on the doorjam in fear. I don't like the idea of feeding her tranquilizers all spring and summer, so I'm really glad we have a Thundershirt. I don't really know why it works, but it sure does work! It provides a gentle pressure on her body, which for some reason really helps to calm her down during stressful situations. We have all the sizes in stock, so if your dog freaks out, be prepared and bring one home for her!

If I know it's going to storm and I'm going to be out of the house, I'll give Ramona a Happy Traveler pill... it's just a blend of natural calming agents like chamomile, valerian, and tryptophan, and it helps take the edge off her fear. I also feel much better about giving those to her than the vet-prescribed tranquilizers.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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