Why the Freedom Harness is better than the Premier Easy Walk Harness

So as most of you know by now, we have an awesome new foster dog in the shop... his name is Barry and he's a sweetheart! Pinups for Pitbulls and Central Bark are sponsoring his vet care, and Pinups even bought him a Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness from our shop. Thanks, Lil Darlin! Now I've been a fan of the Easy Walk Harnesses for years... they used to be my go-to for pullers. I liked them cause unlike the head-halter styles, these were pretty much "dummy-proof". (Although head-halters can be AWESOME in some training situations, in my experience, most people have a hard time using them correctly and most dogs hate them... not to mention there is the potential for neck injury!)

Back to Barry... the very first day I walked him with his new Easy Walk, he saw a dog he REALLY wanted to be friends with, and almost got out of the harness! When we got back to the shop, I readjusted it so that it was tighter, but now it's so tight that it's hard to get on his wiggly body before walks. Phew! What a pain!

Another story... my good friend Tara brought her two pit mixes to the shop in December for our Santa Paws pictures, and on the short walk from her car to the shop, one of her dogs slipped out of its Easy Walk Harness and ran to play with another dog... this was right on a very busy street! Scary.

Anyway, all of these things have made me start searching for a better design.. and I found one! It has all the things I love about the Easy Walk harness, but is much safer and more comfy for the dogs.

Introducing... the Freedom Harness! It is really the best harness I've seen to date. It's great for all kinds of pups, from squirmy little dogs who love finding their way out of harnesses, to huge pits and labs who wanna pull you down the street. Here's why I love it so much:

  • Two D rings. The one on the back is a martingale, which means it gets tighter around their chest if the dog pulls.
  • Unlike the Gentle Leader, it goes between the dog's two front legs, which makes it almost impossible to wiggle out of. It's also mega-adjustable. I can help you make sure it fits your dog perfectly.
  • The nylon is nicely padded under the arms (arms???), which is great for short-haired dogs. Prevents chafing!
  • It comes with a special leash that RULES - it's a 6 foot lead with a free-floating handle loop, and a snap on both ends. This means you have options... you can snap one side to the top martingale, and have a 6ft lead. You can snap one to the front and one to the back and have a 3 ft lead that you can use to actually steer your dog like a horse! You can even use the double snaps to temporarily tether your dog outside a coffee shop or something when you run inside for a second. It's so versatile!
  • It has a Chewing Warranty - they'll replace up to two chewed straps free, no questions asked, for the price of shipping.
  • It comes in tons of cute colors! We keep black, pink, teal blue, and red in stock in XS-XL, but if you see one on their website you like, let us know and we can get it in for you!

So that's the Freedom Harness. I'm getting one for Barry soon. It's worth it!!

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  • ingrid

    If you remember me, you'll know how much I need this harness! I definitely need to get this for Scarlett Grey before our warm weather hikes start up again!

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