Toy Story

We just got a ton of new kitty toys in! I get really excited about neat new products for cats cause good cat toys are hard to find. Sometimes it seems like my kitty would just as soon play with a straw, or a plastic milk top than any fancy store-bought toy. But providing a variety of experiences (i.e., toys!) for kitties has a lot of good effects, not to mention good fun!

Top 5 reasons your cat needs toys:

  1. Strengthen the bond. The interaction created with toys during play periods strengths the bond between owner and cat. Strong bonds reduce shyness, stress, and improve on physical and emotional health for both you AND kitty!
  2. Reduce anxiety. Toys can help shy and fearful cats reduce their anxiety by encouraging play and social interaction (both cat-cat and human-cat) in the household. 
  3. Solve behavior problems. These problems are usually due to frustration and suppressed natural predator instincts. Providing toys that simulate the activities associated with hunting can deter pouncing, jumping, hiding, and even biting behaviors. Toys and play periods are the closest thing an indoor cat may have to "hunting prey".
  4. Prevent boredom and depression. Emotional health is one of the more subtle advantages of toys for your kitty. Without toys, the cat's natural tendencies to hunt, pounce, climb, and hide are not stimulated and are suppressed. Toys help cats do what they do best!
  5. Physical exercise! This is probably the most obvious and most important reason to buy toys for your cat. It relieves stress, it's an important variable in weight control, and it's imperative for good health. Exercise also contributes to healthy bones and organs, improves circulation, and promotes flexibility, which is especially important for older cats.

Convinced yet? Here's a couple of the new toys we've gotten in... come by the store or browse our website to see a bunch more!

FUN-Kitty Interactive Toys
Play-N-Squeak Dangle Toys

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