New Customer Loyalty Program - BONeJOUR VIPs!

Thank you for being patient as we added all of you into our computer system this month! (If we haven't added you yet, please remind us the next time you stop by.) We have finally started our Customer Loyalty Program! Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you to an elite group...

(Very Important Pets)

Now that you are in our computer system, we are able to track your purchases, which is great for a few reasons:

  1. Lost your receipt? We can still do returns/exchanges as long as the purchase shows up on your profile.
  2. Forgot what food you usually feed your pet? Just ask us, and we can look it up! 
  3. Spent over $100 in December? You are a VIP! You have a 10% off your entire non-food purchase "coupon" to be used anytime in January! 

This digital "coupon" is stored in our computer under your name, and you can use the "coupon" anytime in January, just let us know. Again, this coupon cannot be applied towards pet food purchases, but pretty much anything else in the store goes! This is our first month applying this loyalty program, so please let us know if you have any feedback. We will make any necessary changes at the end of the month.

If you share responsibility for your pet(s) with a friend, roommate, husband, wife, partner, etc, you can both decide to enter purchases under the same name... just be sure to let us know everytime you make purchases in the store!

If you haven't been added to our computer system yet, please ask to be added this month so that you can participate in next month's loyalty coupon program!

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