The PERFECT Litter Mat

Who writes a blog about a litter mat? Seriously, who cares enough about something as distasteful and boring as a litter mat?

Anyone who owns cats who use trackable litter (and truthfully, what litter ISN'T trackable?) would completely understand.

Litter is so gross! It somehow goes from being nice and contained and fresh-smelling when it's new in your litterbox, to being stinky and dirty and EVERYWHERE in your house. Sometimes I find myself not thinking about it, walking around in barefeet with litter stuck to them, but every once in a while I stop and think about how disgusting litter really is. I mean, come on. I don't think I need to tell you why.

So... I've been searching for the perfect litter mat for a long time. Finally, I found it - The Perfect Litter Mat! It's HUGE - 25" x 40". If you pair this with one of our enclosed litter boxes, it will reach a little under the mat, and then far enough out that it will trap the litter on the paws of even the most athletic kitty. It's made of a foam-type material in ridges that open up the cat's paws to release any litter trapped inside. It's backed with a non-skid plastic backing, so it won't slide away from the spot where it's needed. To clean it, I just shake it off outside or into the bathtub (with flushable litter only, please!) and then rinse it down with the hose or the shower, and we're good to go! My mat lasted over a year, and that's with a naughty kitty that likes to use it as a scratching mat, too. The other nice thing about these mats is they're easy to cut down to size, so if you have your litterbox scrunched into a corner somewhere, you can measure and cut the mat down to fit the space exactly.

We have a bunch of colors of the mat in stock now, and we also have the "small spaces" mat, which is kitty kat shaped and made especially for city-livin'. Come check them out today, and see what it feels like to live "track-free"!

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  • Carolyn

    How much is the small spaces litter mat and how much it the litter box? Mine both need to be replaced, but I need to figure out if it will fit in this paycheck, or next one. Thanks!

  • BONeJOUR Pet Supply

    Sorry it took so long to reply… somehow didn't get the comment notification! The small spaces one is 9.99 and the bigger ones are 19.99. See you soon!

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