New Owner at BONeJOUR!

Dear BONeJOUR family,

This has been one of the craziest (and most stressful!) weeks of my life! Luckily I have so many amazing customers who have come in and wished me luck in this new venture as owner of BONeJOUR. I appreciate all of you!

My tentative plans:
2. Fun new products!
3. Rearrange store!
4. More fun new community events!
5. Puppy and Basic Adult Manners classes for dogs!
6. Self-serve dog wash!

We're getting in TONS of new products on a daily basis, and I'm so excited to share them all with you! Come by and visit! We have biscuits!

--Noe and Ramona


  • Mônica

    Hooray, Noe and Ramona, it all sounds great!

    Connie, Mark and I are very excited!

  • BONeJOUR Pet Supply

    Yay! Hope to see Connie soon!

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