BONeJOUR Pet Supply & Dog Wash

BONeJOUR Pet Supply and Dog Wash

We offer bathing services for all types of owners: the DIY pet parent, the pet parent on the Go!, or the pet parents whose fur baby needs a little more attention. We provide the tub and anything you might need to get your special friend nice and clean. No time to wash your dog yourself? Let us do it for you! We'll do everything while you run errands or just relax. Just leave your dog with our experienced bather and you'll return to a clean, shiny, happy pooch that smells good too. 

(We do NOT do haircuts - but we do everything else!)

Feel free to email us or give us a call at 215-574-1225 -  book online appointments here.

Will you dining in or dining out?

Why lug big bags of dog food or cat litter down the street when you can have your pet’s supplies delivered? We only offer the best food and treats for your pet’s health and happiness! This menu is a selection of our most popular foods. If you don’t see your food on this list, we can probably special order it for you, so please ask! 

We also DELIVER!