Pawbreakers Plus


Pawbreakers Plus


Pawbreakers are an all natural, healthy, safe and fun toy ball AND treat rolled into one- a purrrfect combination!   Pawbreakers are the catnip equivalent of a 'Jawbreaker' for cats (without the sugar)!

Our secret recipe is 100% natural and uses only pure, fresh USA grown catnip and human-grade ingredients that are healthy for your cat! We call it 'candy' because it's such a treat for the kitties (even though its healthy and all natural)!

Every time your kitty chews or scratches their Pawbreaker, they release the intense fresh aroma locked in every bite. A plain old box of catnip, or catnip stuffed inside a fabric pouch will lose much of their aroma after time (if it hasn't already before you've even bought it!).  While it may still 'work', its just doesn't stay as fresh as a Pawbreaker.

Comes in pack of 2 Pawbreakers.