Puppia Soft Harness & Leash
Puppia Soft Harness & Leash
Puppia Soft Harness & Leash
Puppia Soft Harness & Leash
Puppia Soft Harness & Leash


Puppia Soft Harness & Leash

One of our best selling harnesses! Puppia Soft Harnesses are great for big and small dogs alike. They're easy to put on and won't rub under your dog's front legs like traditional nylon harnesses will. Authentic Puppia Harnesses will not stretch out and fray like many competitors' harnesses - these are the ORIGINAL soft mesh vest harnesses. The 4' Puppia Two-Tone Lead features coordinating colors and a nickel-plated hook.


  • Soft air-mesh
  • Comfortable neck
  • Adjustable chest belt
  • Authentic Puppia rubber label


Color Choices:

Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Beige, Purple, Dark Brown, Camo, and Black/White Polka Dots.



Sizes range from XS-L in all colors, and XL/XXL in Red or Black. Please measure your dog to get the right size, because these harnesses are only minimally adjustable. The mesh that goes around the neck is not adjustable, so the circumference of the dog's neck is a very important measurement. Consider that the harness is pulled on and off over the dog's head, so you will need to measure the widest circumference of the head/neck.


Back Length Circumference of Neck Circumference of Trunk (Min.~Max.)
XS 3.74(inch)


S 3.74(inch)


M 4.33(inch)


L 5.31(inch) 14.96(inch) 19.69~27.56(inch)
XL 6.1(inch) 16.54(inch) 22.44~31.5(inch)
XXL  8.2(inch) 21.3(inch) 27.6~38.6(inch)


The Puppia harness is not specifically a No-Pull Harness, although it does seem to discourage smaller dogs from pulling. We do not recommend the Puppia harness for larger, stronger dogs who pull - Try the Freedom No-Pull Harness instead!